Monday, 5 May 2014

ICT and Numeracy Day

A very good day looking at numeracy and ICT at Clytha Primary School last Friday. One of the intentions of the day was also to focus on getting the most from resources that the school has. The school had purchased 2Simple's Purple Mash, so I looked at many of its tools that can support aspects of numeracy. The staff particularly enjoyed using LOGO, talking about shape and angle. Lots of good discussing between them to work out how to complete the challenges I set. In fact, I found it difficult to get them to go for their coffee break! We then looked at using databases (2Investigate) and opportunities for graphing with 2Graph and 2Count. In the afternoon my colleague Steve Singer gave an excellent introduction to 'Scratch' and finally we finished the day off with SMART Notebook tools that can help support the teaching of mathematics.

Building procedures in LOGO

Getting to grips with Scratch

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