Friday, 13 June 2014

Online Real-Time Collaboration Between Primary Schools

As some of you may know from previous posts I have a strong interest in the use of cloud computing technologies in education. In particular Microsoft Office 365 or Google Apps for Education. So it was with much interest that I found myself this afternoon observing some online real-time collaboration between pupils from two primary schools from Newport using Google Apps.

Mount Pleasant Primary School have been using Google Apps for some time at the school, creating an excellent literacy/numeracy framework pupil tracker for teachers using Google Sheets and a utilising Google Sites for cluster transition work. They've also previously done some online work with their students, where I was invited to observe and interact remotely on the work pupils were carrying out, from the comfort of my office!

Glan Usk Primary School have recent 'gone Google', signing themselves up to Google Apps for Education, with I believe the intention of using the various tools to support organisation and management across the school and obviously for its use in supporting pupils' learning.

Both schools organised the collaboration between themselves and I was invited this afternoon to observe online what was happening. Mount Pleasant had 31 Year 5 pupils, along with 1 pupil who was working from home! Glan Usk had 30+ Year 6 pupils involved. The pupils worked together on a World Cup topic, using pre-prepared Google Slides. 16 groups were organised and from what I could 'observe' pairs of children from each school were in each group. I've created a short video which you can view below which may hopefully give you some idea and a feel of what was going on.

As far as I could tell everything seemed to work seamlessly, with no technical issues at all. I'll speak to my colleagues in both schools to find out more about how they felt about the learning and teaching aspects of the collaborative process. Initial feedback from them has been very positive.

"Amazing session. Must do it again some time." - Mount Pleasant
#greatexcitement #greatlearning - Glan Usk Primary School

Mount Pleasant pupils at work on the project this afternoon

Glan Usk Primary School pupils working on the project this afternoon

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

E-Safety Links for Pupils, Teachers and Parents

I've recently been updating my e-safety links for an e-safety awareness raising session with parents. Here is a list of the resources I've gathered that could be suitable to share with children, teachers and parents. I'll try my best to keep the links active and update when I can :-)

*Last updated 7th December 2016*

Parental Controls (Gaming Consoles)
Microsoft Xbox 360 - Parental Controls
Microsoft Xbox One -Family Settings
Sony PS3 - Parental Controls
Sony PS4 - Parental Controls
Nintendo Wii U - Parental Controls
Nintendo Wii - Parental Controls

UK Safer Internet Centre - Parental Advice on Gaming Devices

Video Games
Common Sense Media Games Reviews for Parents
Ask About Games
PEGI Games Ratings
Online Gaming

Parental Controls (Operating Systems)
Apple OS X Yosemite
Apple OS X Mountain Lion
Apple OS X Mavericks
Setting Restrictions on iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch
Microsoft Windows 7 Parental Controls
Microsoft Windows 8 Parental Controls
Microsoft Windows 10 Parental Controls
How to Use Android Parental Controls to Keep Your Children Safe Online

Parental Controls (Mobile Phones)
EE / Orange / TMobile

Control for In-App Purchases
Common Sense Media App Reviews for Parents
Apple iPhone & iPad

For Pupils
Thinkuknow - Foundation Phase
Thinkuknow - KS2
Thinkuknow - KS3
Thinkuknow - 14+
UK Safer Internet Centre - Primary School Pupils
UK Safer Internet Centre - Secondary School Pupils
Childnet International - Primary School Pupils
Childnet International - Secondary School Pupils
BBC CBBC Stay Safe
BBC Advice and Tips for Staying Safe Online

Teacher and Parent Support
Thinkuknow - Parents
Thinkuknow - Teachers
Google Safety Centre
UK Safer Internet Centre - Parents
UK Safer Internet Centre - Teachers
Childnet International - Parents
Childnet International - Teachers
Kidsmart - Foundation Phase
Kidsmart - KS2
Kidsmart - Parents
Professional Reputation

SWGfL - Digital Literacy Curriculum (Wales)
SWGfL - Digital Literacy Curriculum

Advice for Schools and Teachers (Unions)
NASUWT - A Checklist for NQTs
NASUWT - Abuse of Technology
NAHT - Social Media and Online Safety
ATL - Social Networking Sites

CEOP - Lee & Kim (5 to 7 year olds)
CEOP - Jigsaw (8 to 10 year olds)
CEOP - Matt Thought He Knew (KS3 / KS4)
CEOP - Clare Thought She Knew (KS3/KS4)
CBBC - Caught in the Web
CBBC Horrible Histories - Don't Lie About Your Age Online
CBBC Horrible Histories - Internet Privacy Settings
CBBC Horrible Histories - Beware What Your Download
How Search Works
How does the internet work?
The Internet (Wise Kids)
Can I Be Your Friend?

Further e-Safety Resource Sites
Hwb Esafety Zone
SWGfL e-Safety Resources
Thomas Tolkien Blog

Digital and Media Literacy
Common Sense Media

Other Resources
Facebook Advice from the UK Safety Centre