Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Hwb J2launch and OneDrive Files?

In my recent meetings with primary schools, inevitably our discussions will turn to the evidencing and marking of pupils work. More pupil work is now being completed online through tools such as Office 365 and J2e (via the Hwb platform), along with G Suite for Education and 2Simple's Purple Mash. Therefore how does a teacher easily find and mark work when it's being held in two or more different places? Especially if you factor in that pupil's work could also be held on the school network and on individual iPads. It's all a bit 'messy' to say the least. Recently I've been looking at j2launch which is part of the Just2easy set of tools and freely available to all schools in Wales via the Hwb platform. J2launch is a Content Management System (CMS) within J2e. Work created online using the many J2e tools is automatically stored here along with any other file type you'd like to upload. Files can be searched for and organised using folders. All done, in my opinion, very easily.

Teacher view of pupil files in j2launch. Uploaded PDFs and a J2e5 resource

It was simple to upload a video file created on my iPad and some Comic Life PDFs. Once in j2launch, teachers can assess pupil work against the literacy and numeracy framework and the digital competence framework statements. Teachers are also able to, among other features, engage the pupil in a learning conversation and create a QR code to share the work with others. All very impressive. However I do have a gripe. I would love to be able to see my pupils files stored in OneDrive in j2launch. I would then have Office365 files (Word, PowerPoint, Excel Online), J2e files and any other uploaded files all in one place, with the ability to assess, feedback and share pupil work. If my understanding is correct, a school that had bought J2e would have the ability to single sign on with their Office365 or G Suite for Education account. OneDrive and Google Drive files will then appear in j2launch allowing for marking, etc as described above. However, that option doesn't seem to be possible with the version available to schools through Hwb. That's a pity. I think teachers (and pupils) in Wales would find it really helpful if this version offered that solution. It would make the assessment and feedback of pupil's digital work, created on different platforms, so much easier.