Thursday, 2 February 2012

Safer Internet Day 2012

If some of you weren't already aware, next Tuesday (7th February) is Safer Internet Day. The theme of this year's campaign is Connecting Generations with the slogan "Discovering the Digital World Together Safely". We are encouraging our schools to take part in this event. In fact we are suggesting to schools that they use could use this event to raise the issue of e-safety across the whole school community for the whole week. I'm going to one school next Tuesday to talk separately to both parents and to staff. We have, alongside a group of ICT coordinators, put together a series of assemblies for primary schools for the whole week, and should also have ready a brand new interactive esafety resource aimed at teachers and school staff on how to keep themselves professional online. I'll blog telling you more about these resources shortly.

If you go to the UK Safer Internet Centre you will also be able to download a school pack containing an assembly, a script for that assembly, classroom activities and some other useful resources. Packs are available for both primary and secondary schools.

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