Saturday, 24 May 2014

BBC Wales Reports

Isn't it funny the way the press report things as if it were fact? Take yesterday morning's report from the BBC called "Wales' schools left behind in digital age, experts claim". The article is basically saying that if we don't implement changes recommended in the ICT Steering Group report then we will be falling behind England where the changes come into effect in Sept 2014.  What caught my eye was the statement six lines in which says:
"a similar plan will not be introduced in schools in Wales for at least four years."
Four years? Where did this figure come from? I haven't seen anything announced by the Welsh Government saying that this is the predicted timescale of a new Computing PoS. Searching through the article I thought something must have been announced, but no, nothing. So who is it that's saying four years? Why not say 6 months, 1 year or 10 years? Four years seems to be an arbitrary figure, plucked from the ether by someone.

Interestingly this is the second piece in two weeks from BBC Wales on concerns over what they see as delays to the new curriculum, with the focus primarily on programming. I wonder where this story is coming from? Could there be vested interests pushing it for their own benefit? No, that's just silly.

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