Tuesday, 8 March 2016

First Time for Everything

There's a first time for everything. Today I bought myself my first ever Windows laptop. Obviously I've been provided with them in my role in previous jobs, but I've never had to actually buy one myself. I basically wanted a relatively cheap laptop that I could use to get to grips with Windows 10, install any Windows software that schools might be using, and possibly install Open Office or LibreOffice for productivity stuff. So I've ended up with an Acer Aspire F15, charcoal black, 8Gb of RAM and 2 TB hard drive. It should do a job. However, while trying to purchase it, I was interrogated by the shop assistant. A barrage of questions with the obvious intention of getting me to buy add ons. "What are you using it for?" "You say you are using the cloud, what are you using?" But it was the question about what antivirus software I was going to use that finally got my back up. At this point I wanted to say, "Just give me the bloody laptop", but instead told him that this was one of the many reasons I particularly disliked Windows machines, that I'd be downloading free antivirus software, and that in fact I'd rarely be using this device. To me it was like buying a car and being told that seat belts are an optional extra! Perhaps I've just been lucky with my two Macbook Pros, but I've never had any virus / malware problem in over 10 years of using them. The only time I've ever experienced a computer virus was on an old, home Windows desktop. If Windows based machines seem to be more susceptible to virus / malware issues then build antivirus blockers into them, I don't see why I should pay extra. Give me a Chromebook or Macbook any day! Rant over :-)

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