Thursday, 10 March 2016

3D Computer Modelling Apps

I've always had quite a soft spot for digital 3D computer modelling. In a previous post I talked about the work I used to do with schools in using the Bamzooki software. This Windows software allowed pupils to create 3D creatures or ‘zooks’ to their own designs and then battle them against other zooks or against a series of strength, speed or agility tests. When I was creating my new ICT scheme, I was particularly looking for a tablet app (iPad and Android) that would do a similar thing. I eventually came across Autodesk Tinkerplay which allows the user to create and pose the characters in a 3D environment, colour them, add texture to the parts and then place them in a scene. You can then take a picture of the scene which can be used as part of another project. The character you create can also be printed off on a 3D printer. I know that not many schools actually have a 3D printer but you could send the files off to be printed for you if you so wished (or ask your local friendly secondary school?)

Yesterday I noticed that the Tinkerplay app was inviting you to download a new app called ThingMaker, which I did. It looks like this app has been developed in partnership with Mattel the toy manufacturer. The app has a couple of new features including parts to make jewellery such as bracelets, necklaces, and rings. If you look at the ThingMaker video below then you will see they are also about to release their own 3D printer to go along with the app. It will be interesting to see how much that’s going to cost. I'm sure that in the future Mattel will be adding further parts to this app to encourage users to create more objects.

Have a look at the video I've made below demoing both apps. I think they’re really good at developing 3D modelling in the primary classroom. What do you think?

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