Wednesday, 11 June 2014

E-Safety Links for Pupils, Teachers and Parents

I've recently been updating my e-safety links for an e-safety awareness raising session with parents. Here is a list of the resources I've gathered that could be suitable to share with children, teachers and parents. I'll try my best to keep the links active and update when I can :-)

*Last updated 7th December 2016*

Parental Controls (Gaming Consoles)
Microsoft Xbox 360 - Parental Controls
Microsoft Xbox One -Family Settings
Sony PS3 - Parental Controls
Sony PS4 - Parental Controls
Nintendo Wii U - Parental Controls
Nintendo Wii - Parental Controls

UK Safer Internet Centre - Parental Advice on Gaming Devices

Video Games
Common Sense Media Games Reviews for Parents
Ask About Games
PEGI Games Ratings
Online Gaming

Parental Controls (Operating Systems)
Apple OS X Yosemite
Apple OS X Mountain Lion
Apple OS X Mavericks
Setting Restrictions on iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch
Microsoft Windows 7 Parental Controls
Microsoft Windows 8 Parental Controls
Microsoft Windows 10 Parental Controls
How to Use Android Parental Controls to Keep Your Children Safe Online

Parental Controls (Mobile Phones)
EE / Orange / TMobile

Control for In-App Purchases
Common Sense Media App Reviews for Parents
Apple iPhone & iPad

For Pupils
Thinkuknow - Foundation Phase
Thinkuknow - KS2
Thinkuknow - KS3
Thinkuknow - 14+
UK Safer Internet Centre - Primary School Pupils
UK Safer Internet Centre - Secondary School Pupils
Childnet International - Primary School Pupils
Childnet International - Secondary School Pupils
BBC CBBC Stay Safe
BBC Advice and Tips for Staying Safe Online

Teacher and Parent Support
Thinkuknow - Parents
Thinkuknow - Teachers
Google Safety Centre
UK Safer Internet Centre - Parents
UK Safer Internet Centre - Teachers
Childnet International - Parents
Childnet International - Teachers
Kidsmart - Foundation Phase
Kidsmart - KS2
Kidsmart - Parents
Professional Reputation

SWGfL - Digital Literacy Curriculum (Wales)
SWGfL - Digital Literacy Curriculum

Advice for Schools and Teachers (Unions)
NASUWT - A Checklist for NQTs
NASUWT - Abuse of Technology
NAHT - Social Media and Online Safety
ATL - Social Networking Sites

CEOP - Lee & Kim (5 to 7 year olds)
CEOP - Jigsaw (8 to 10 year olds)
CEOP - Matt Thought He Knew (KS3 / KS4)
CEOP - Clare Thought She Knew (KS3/KS4)
CBBC - Caught in the Web
CBBC Horrible Histories - Don't Lie About Your Age Online
CBBC Horrible Histories - Internet Privacy Settings
CBBC Horrible Histories - Beware What Your Download
How Search Works
How does the internet work?
The Internet (Wise Kids)
Can I Be Your Friend?

Further e-Safety Resource Sites
Hwb Esafety Zone
SWGfL e-Safety Resources
Thomas Tolkien Blog

Digital and Media Literacy
Common Sense Media

Other Resources
Facebook Advice from the UK Safety Centre

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