Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Update To 'Gazing Into My Crystal Ball'

An quick update on my last post 'Gazing Into My Crystal Ball' which was about concerns raised by some ICT coordinators regarding the future of the Hwb+/Hwb platform in Wales and what may or may not happen to these platforms. I've been having a look at the National Digital Learning Council's latest minutes from a meeting in October 2015. A couple of references to Hwb+ and Hwb which may clarify some points:

2.6 - CB (Chris Britten) highlighted concerns regarding the end of the three year Hwb contract in August 2018. CO (Chris Owen) stated that there is a full commitment for the platform to continue until that time. There are a range of options being considered around the ongoing management of the digital tools offered through Hwb after this date.

2.10 - CO highlighted the recent Hwb Stakeholder workshop which took place in Cardiff Bay on 23 September. ST (Sian Thomas) attended, noting that this was a good opportunity to talk about Hwb, rather than focussing solely on Hwb+ and remarked at the overall positive attitude regarding the direction of the Hwb platform developments. CO confirmed that the outcomes of the workshop will feed directly into future developments of the platform and that if any members have comments that they wish to put forward regarding the platform, to submit these via the Hwb mailbox (

2.11 - The current contract for the content element of Hwb is due to cease in January 2016. However, pending Ministerial approval, the plan is to re-contract and bring this in line with the Hwb+ contract to August 2018.

2.16 - CO highlighted the reduction in Hwb Digital Leaders from eight to five this year. The Hwb Team are currently working to develop plans with regional consortia to ensure that there is capacity to support schools ‘on the ground’ – potentially linked to current grants that they are already receiving.

I'd definitely recommend to schools to look at the NDLC minutes as this is quite an influential group in providing educational technology advice to the Welsh Government. 

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