Monday, 1 February 2016

Digital Competence Framework Update - Competence Headings

Since September 2015, Digital Pioneer Schools from across Wales have been involved in the development of the new Digital Competence Framework. This framework will be available to all schools in Wales from September 2016. If you've read any of my previous posts on Digital Competence you would have seen that there has been much work done in this field already by many organisations around the world. Therefore we could take an informed guess as to aspects that would be covered in any newly developed framework. I made a stab at this sometime ago, coming up with:

Digital Citizenship / eSafety
Communication and Collaboration

Solving Problems and Thinking Critically
Creativity and Innovation

These are basically the 'strand' headings to my ICT scheme which many schools are now using. A colleague of mine has just pointed me in the direction of a presentation on the Welsh Government website that does show the headings that the Digital Pioneer Schools are now working to:

Using, Collecting, Collaborating
Data and Computational Thinking
Researching, Making and Creating

As it says on the presentation, these titles could eventually change, but I'm pleased that I was pretty close. The devil is now in the detail, and I really look forward to seeing how this is broken down year by year as in the literacy and numeracy frameworks.

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