Thursday, 11 June 2015

Skewed BBC Reporting - Surely Not?

Is it just me, or has anyone else noticed a pattern emerging in the reporting of digital competence and anything else schools ICT related by the BBC over the last year or so? I've just read this report by the BBC to yesterday's announcement from the Welsh Government of a digital competency framework for schools in Wales. Did you spot the focus? Here are some quotes:
"So-called "digital competency" involves being able to code and programme computers and skills need to go beyond IT lessons."
"An independent review of IT in schools had earlier said computer science lessons needed to be made more relevant to now and the future."
What is it with BBC's fixation on coding? Did they actually read the Donaldson review? Did they notice that computer science is certainly included, but under a new area of learning and experience called Science and Technology, which was not mentioned by Huw Lewis yesterday? As I've outlined in several of my last posts digital competence or digital literacy encapsulates a wide variety of skills, knowledge and attitudes that are needed by pupils to successfully navigate through an increasingly digitally connected world - not just coding. You could swear the BBC are trying to skew the news to their own agenda - surely not?! The Micro Bit - Can It Make Us Digital?

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