Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Downloading YouTube Videos

I haven't blogged for a while but I've just seen something I thought was really neat and I thought I should share it. At one time I used to do a lot of work with schools on using film trailers. One activity we used to do with classes was using a recent trailer in iMovie, strip off the audio track and get the children to rebuild the trailer using original music they've created from Garageband, adding sound effects, and a new narration track. Some great opportunities for literacy work and the creative use of audio. I used to use Zamzar to help me download the video, however several years ago this feature was removed. However, I've just seen a very useful tweet that showed me how to download Youtube videos very easily. Basically between the www. and the just add ss - eg. You then get taken to a page where you can download the video to your computer. Simples!
REMEMBER - Think about copyright and don't be tempted to post these videos on your school websites. Use these as practice examples and get the children to create their own original trailers.