Sunday, 14 July 2013

Rhws Primary Online - Google Apps for Education Pt4

As discussed in previous posts, much of first year of using Google Apps for Education at Rhws Primary School, has been focussed on the teachers use of the platform and helping them to gain the skills and confidence in working in this particular way. Therefore the school wanted to gather some information from them to find out what had worked well, what not so well, future CPD needs and general thoughts about its use.

The questions were devised and then easily built using Google Forms which was shared with the teachers. The web form was submitted online and the results automatically populated into a Google Spreadsheet for analysis. A summary of responses is also automatically created, some of which you can see at the end of this blog.

A couple of questions from the online questionnaire
The results from the questionnaire have proved to be very positive from the teaching staff and will give the senior leadership team ideas on how to further develop the platform and support the staff in its use.

Here's a sample of some of the comments provided by the staff in the questionnaire:

"Obviously takes time to become accustomed to new technology but it has made so many things much easier. Reports have been so much more straight forward and the planning is easier to share and collaborate with others."

"Very user-friendly. Even if I've missed the training (part-timers!!) the apps are easy to navigate. Icons/menus are self-explanatory."

"Excellent for Own Learning - reviewing, planning, creating (sometimes collaboratively), sharing and presenting. Pupils absolutely love (and benefit from) the collaborative capabilities of Rhws Online. There has been a significant increase in the levels of participation among ALL pupils in my class when they are allowed to work collaboratively (in pairs, or larger groups) on one single piece of work. They also thoroughly enjoy using the 'instant messenger' tool to communicate both in school, during lessons, and at home. As well, their individual ICT capabilities, skills and confidence has also shown a marked improvement. They are using all the different functions (apps) on their Rhws Online accounts confidently, independently and for a real purpose."

"have had a bit of a steep learning curve, and initially had problems accessing everything because of computer or software compatibility, however now I could not be without it. I am still learning and am slowly starting to use more and more of the features. Communication is so much easier now!"

"It is easy to use and is a brilliant tool to enable collaboration and instant communication."

The following are screen shots showing a summary of the results:

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