Wednesday, 12 June 2013

MindMup - Free Mind Mapping Software

For a while I've been looking for a free piece of mind mapping software for schools, and so got quite excited when I stumbled across MindMup this evening. What I particularly liked was the fact that you are able to store public mind maps on their own servers, however private mind maps are stored in your Google Drive. There's no need to register or remember accounts, once connected just go to your Google Drive and create your mind map which is then saved back to your drive.

Open Mind Map directly from your Google Drive
According to their blog, MindMup is "free, opensource, without any marketing, ads or spam" - what more can a school ask for? ;-) It goes on to say that the user interface automatically adjusts to touch displays or desktops/laptops systems, and that on desktops, all map operations have keyboard shortcuts. On mobile devices, toolbars convert to touch menus and buttons become larger. 

I've had a play around with it and it is easy to use and to save your work. There is even a feature that allows collaboration between users on a particular mind map. 

Mind mapping screen

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