Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Hwb Launch Today!

Today Hwb, the all Wales learning platform was launched!

We've just written a post over on our work blog highlighting how we believe Hwb and Hwb+ can support the work we do with schools.

My initial thoughts on the Hwb website are that it has a very clean, clear and easy to use interface with a 'Microsoft Metro feel'. Resources are easy to find but at present it seems like only a selection of resources have moved from NGfL Cymru to Hwb. I'm sure that further appropriate resources are in the process of being moved. Discussion forums are available in the Community section which are open to Hwb+ registered users. All in all it's looking very good.

Education Wales, which was launched at the same time as Hwb, is basically an area on Apple iTunesU that is hosting video and other digital content for Wales. One of the highlights for me is the access to some clips from the BBC TV programme "The Story of Wales". The only slight reservation I have at the moment is that I believe some local authorities block the use of iTunes in schools. I'm sure this can be overcome.

In January, approximately 35 schools from across Wales will be trailing out the Hwb+ learning platform in their schools. This will be shortly followed by phased roll outs of the platform to the remaining schools in Wales over the next two years. Exciting times in Wales!

Hwb - Towards a Digital Future (Welsh Government website)

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